I'm Pete, a game developer and software generalist. I bring a solid understanding of good coding practices, building efficient and stable systems. My background in web development, robotics, software application development, and game development provide a broad foundation for quickly interpreting data patterns and creatively solving complex problems with simple solutions.


Rochester Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in
Game Design and Development
Philosophy Minor


C#, TypeScript, Python, HTML5, SQL, LINQ, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Java, C++
Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Visual Studio, MSSQL, Git, TFS, Unity3D, Maya, Blender, Photoshop
Blazor, ASP.NET, React, Serverless, Bootstrap 4, .NET Micro Framework, NancyFx, CodeIgniter, Smartfox, Photon
Cloud, N-Layer, MVC, REST, RPC, Websocket
Current Interests:
VR, AI, Robotics, Blockchain, RPA

VR Visualizer
Portfolio Game

VR Visualizer is a game development project I am currently working on in Unity3D.

It uses CSCore and WASAPI for hooking directly into the Windows audio stream. This allows the user to easily control the source of the music being visualized through their favorite apps like YouTube or Spotify.

I am still tinkering around and developing scenes I think will be fun to watch in sync with music.
The end goal will be to launch the software on Steam for a small fee. Until then I will display it here on my portfolio.

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Vertical Farm

I designed and prototyped the entire system for an automated indoor vertical farm start-up in only 2 months time.

The project required AWS server administration, backend API development, live display for controls and data on the front end, as well as embedded systems programming for sensors, valves, network communication, and more.

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  • Personal-Website - This is the code for this website, check it out! The website is a .NET Core application built with Blazor
  • PrimeNumberGen - Console application demonstrating a fast N-th prime number algorithm in C#
  • AWS-DynamoDB-Manager - Tool for data transformation and migration using DynamoDBv2 library


Pluralsight is an e-learning platform for programmers, which covers a wide range of topics from beginner through expert level.

I found topics on design patterns, the latest C# frameworks like Blazor, and advanced C# topics most enlightening. I am very encouraged by how this has helped me grow and I am now really excited to put this new knowledge to work and build great, easy to use systems.

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